Monday, 16 June 2014

Putting Clients First...

If you are looking to buy a new home or sell your existing one, the last thing you want me to tell you, is what a great and successful estate agent I am. You’re busy, most likely stressed and you have personal property goals to achieve.

Often I hear agents and their clients, talking in different languages. Agents referring to buying and selling of houses, while their clients refer to moving to their new home or relocating. This Suggests that agents should listen more and try to understand’ what you, the customer is really trying to achieve. Although a smooth journey is important, it’s not the goal and sometimes agents goals are not the same as yours. A good agent is often a hungry sales person. Seeking the thrill of the deal and the more deals the better. You our clients, are only interested in your transaction and those related to it. You require personal attention and focussed assistance.

It is my view that as agents, I should pursue your goals first. Provide you with what you want, not what I think you want. I need to listen, then act in accordance to your needs. You have to have confidence in me, the professional you are dealing with. Be sure I am focused on getting you to where you want to be and that I will act in your best interests. In essence that I am trustworthy, reliable and honest. This is not the impression that all agents have given historically, but in most cases, I have found it to be the reality locally. I trust you have to?

My experience of agents in Teignbridge is, that they provide a quality service. I have worked with some of them in related transactions, for rather more years than they, or I like to remember. What I have learned over time, is that putting the customer first is not quite as selfless as it seems. Making you the client number one, is the best way to run a successful agency.

Treating my clients as I should, leads to repeat business, more sales and happier clients. This makes an agency more successful, wins awards and hopefully earns the respect of the other agents with whom they work. Rest assured therefore, that Coast and Country we will always be putting vendors and buyers (or should I say) house sellers and those moving into new homes first. I hope this will make us great and very successful estate agents, from your point of view.

Ashley Mathews, Senior Partner at Coast & Country Estate Agents

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